Hey all,

This is my first post in the blog or in other words, my first day in my new life. I’m not overweight, I’m not skinny. I’m somewhere in between. But I’m tired of it, the bun on the stomach is not just a bun. It is proof that I do not live a healthy life. I know what hard training, good nutrition actually means – a happier life. That’s how it is. I’ve been there once. Anxiety and worry, gone with the wind. The energy is up in the ceiling. You feel strong. Confidence grows with the weights on the dumbbells.
I’m going there, so follow my path. I am a qualified personal trainer since five years back, a very close family member of mine died and I ended up in grief, priority away training. But I’ll be back, I have found motivation – namely to motivate others. Therefore, I hope that through my journey to learn something new. And through my tools find the same peace of mind as me.

My name is Anders, shortly I will show my diet / workout schedule and various tools I use the inner ghosts. English is also my second language, I descended from Sweden. So be humble with typos please.