Again, thanks for all the nice words. I’ve got some questions about what I eat. As I sad before, I’m no food expert, my expertise lies mainly in the exercise. But I can give you a tip, a book that has helped me a lot . And thankfully, It’s pretty basic.

To prepare your body in the best way before a workout , it’s important to eat right before . Try to avoid foods that are high in fat and high in fiber . Both of these need the stomach work extra with to break down . They are therefore in the stomach a long time, which can lead to hold during training and that you have less energy because the body is focused on breaking down the food instead of giving you the energy to exercise. About 1 hour before your workout , try to eat meal that is high in cereal such as muesli  and oatmeal. Think of snacks roads, and do not forget to drink enough before .

What it is about is ( in summary ) is to choose the right calories. Calories is another word for energy, as you probably already know. What the book deals with primarily , is where this particular energi of the food actually goes. Even if you eat the same amount of calories pasta and lets say, vegetables , the body will treat these two sources diffrent . That said, I ‘m no expert in nutrition . I am a very curious hobby expert. And this book has really helped me a lot.

If you want to know more , I can warmly recommend downloading this PDF . It goes through step by step how to think about the calories, when to eat (time of day to eat etc.)  A very good tool to take care of. The diet is everything, without a good diet – impossible to see results.

You can find the book as a PDF (here).