Today I tell you about a couple of books, which is really good to stay motivated , get a basic idea of the idea training. It’s not about how much stamina you have, goals  or how strong you are in the current situation . Everyone can train hard in a few weeks. But you can not continue to train hard without the right tools. To manage it, you need to be friends with yourself. And to befriend yourself requires that you are responsive. Listen to yourself. Not over-exert yourself . In all cases.

There is a book that has helped me very much to go over these barriers. See things from other perspectives , which I never thought was possible . When the training is firm, tough and just annoying . Read through these books , see things different . Visualize your goal. Breathe your goal. Here is a direct link. I think it cost around $ 40 ( if I remember correctly). But seeing it in perspective , what is 40 dollars if this is your way to success ? Not much, right?