As you all know by now, I work as a personal trainer and also owns a gym. I have received many questions about what a personal trainer really doing, these issues are usually covered with a questionable assertion. I therefore intend to go through what a personal trainer actually do, then you will have to choose whether it is worth the money. Are you proficient in training and diet, and think that personal trainer is something privileged and unnecessary, then don’t hire one.
But to you who are feeling unsure, read my article, I hope I can help you understand what a personal trainer does.

Why should you hire a personal trainer?

A personal trainer (PT) can help you with everything from getting started with your workout to add specific training program for a specific purpose, such as to lose weight or run the Marathon. Training can be branch-specific and adapted to different sports, such as golf, running, martial arts, weight lifting, tennis.
Personal training is a great way to get the most out of your workout! Have you had started it usually result in you recurs periodically. A good start on your training!
A personal trainer will motivate, instruct and train you at XX occasions.

Realize your dreams with the help of a personal trainer
It always pays to work out with a personal trainer – whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for years. You have someone who pepper / motivates you and in addition you will learn everything from how to eat properly to how to train most effectively. I will help you reach your goals
Whether you want to shape your muscles, become a star on the dance floor, improve your golf swing or the time of the next Marathons and so can I as a personal trainer to help you. You can also get help to rehabilitate the injury or prevent problems – A P.T have knowledge of most aspects of the body.
Faster power with personal training
Hire a personal trainer for more effective workouts, faster performance, increased motivation, increased knowledge and safer workout. How much power enhancement, you can count on is varied to assess because individual circumstances are very different. For some personal training would lead to more than a hundred percent increase in the training effect. In addition to sessions with a personal trainer are optimized so will the training on their own to become more efficient, leading to faster results. The results can easily be measured through tests and evaluations. Moreover, you will surely notice progress in other sätt.Få things are as motivating as black and white to note that you have become stronger and have better fitness or perhaps lost weight thanks to the training they put in. Almost everyone training with personal trainer knows a faster effect improvement than when they try to work out on their own. It booked the meeting with the personal coach spurs one to get to the workout even on the days when the motivation is not really on top.
How does it work out with a PT?
Resembling an hour with a personal trainer at a driving lesson. Körskolläraren there the whole time and just focus on you. Get professional help with traffic, changing lanes, overtaking and parallel parking. The main difference between a driving instructor and a personal trainer is that the latter usually encourage you to “accelerate harder” for you to get the most effective training possible.
A personal trainer adapts to you and your needs whatever the conditions and objectives.
Needs analysis is the basis for your training program.
Initially make the personal trainer a needs analysis, (consultation) i.e ask about your training background, interests, possible injuries and illnesses, + mobility / stability tests, the purpose and objective of the training, etc. that may affect your training. Based on the information you / tests given, the personal trainer to design a personal training plan / program that fits you right now and where your goals are wearing.
Documentation and testing
The personal coach also keeps track of your progress by detailed documentation of each training session eg load, repetitions, distance and time.
In addition, the personal trainer the opportunity to do different so-called fystest, for example, you can test your fitness, mobility, strength endurance and stability.
Personal chemistry is important
Obviously it is important that you and your P.T feel comfortable with each other. You always meet your personal trainer for a free consultation before you start working together. Partly to go through your training background and your goals, having also various tests of the mobility / stability for your spec. goal. And partly to see if we get along.