I thought you want an update, training is just fine. You who has followed me knows that I have taken it easy , mostly because I don’t want to break my motivation . As you probably have heard from me a dozen times , do not torment yourself in the beginning so hard that you lose interest to train again. It will only hurt yourself. Taking it slow and methodical in training is the key to success. Spread out your workouts , it does the job – But without crying blood.

I have received questions regarding how I train . And I will answer them now.

Day 1-30 consisted mainly my workout of cardio . Biking / jogging / walking . I focused not so much on the muscles. Only a muscle workouts a week. With all round exercise. Went through the muscle groups methodically.

Day 30 + : I began to focus more on muscle groups and put the cardio aside.

Mon: Chest and Shoulders

Tuesday: Biceps and triceps + cardio.

Wednesday: Back and legs.

Thursday: Rest

Friday : Rest

Saturday: Cardio + yoga.

Sunday : Rest

It is my schedule. I try to follow it. But of course I’m trying at the same time get some varation in it, it is important. Otherwise you lose interest quickly. It should be fun to train. Do not forget it. I hope you have learned something. Thanks.