The beachfit training package is a new and exciting product. I got the tip from a reader to try it. And you know me by now, if there’s something exciting to test – then I do it.

For you who haven’t heard of The Beachfit Training Package, it is a program designed to achieve great results quickly. The package includes four different phases. I love it. I was going to stay a little on the topic phases.

To achieve lasting results, you need to go through various mental phases. The boundaries of each phase is not sharp and it is common to oscillates between different phases. If you have knowledge that there are different phases, it can go very quickly to advance from one phase to another. You may already have gone through one or more phases before starting to read this post. Read below and find out more about what phases are included in the package. I will combine this with the phases I illustrate my customers.


Phase 1 deny phase

In this first phase, you deny the need for training. You know it is good too exercise but do not feel it as a motivator in itself. It may be that you do not have the energy to play with your children or that you feel constantly tired. The beach fit package takes respect to this, very elaborate and good. Sufficiently high intensity on the workouts. You do not get discouraged from exercising again. Quiet and methodical, I would describe the phase one.

Phase 2 reflection phase

Curiosity on exercise and its benefits begin to grow, but the resistance is still very large. It is often at this stage you seem too look for a quick solution that require minimal effort. Pills and miracle cures figures as possible solutions to the problem. You know well what needs to be done but you are not willing to pay the high price. When you are in this phase you need too sacrifices to get started with your exercise. In this phase, the intensity begins to increase. Training sessions will be more aggressive. You are also instructed to circuit training. The cardio is all about more work and less traveled. If Phase 1 was reasonable, this is when things get a little unruly.

Phase 3 Preparation

In this phase you prepare mentally to get started with your workout. You considering the pros and cons of training and negotiating with yourself. Only when the benefits outweigh the disadvantages you’ll be transferred to the next phase. We are now halfway to the goal, which means that you are finally able to lift some weights. Your rest period is half from phase one and two. This is where it starts for real, here I began to really see the difference in my body but especially I felt the energy flowing.

Phase 4 establishment phase

Here you begin to feel joy over your training, but it is not really established yet. Maybe you are inspired by the new life and the results you get from training. The training is likely to have a degree of irregularity of itself because the resistance still persists to some degree. In this phase, it is common that you are trapped in the practical problems related to the workout. You have changed your habits and starting to create a resistance. You can only move to a more regular and long-term training when the various resistors are dissolved.

The home stretch. You’re strong and getting stronger. You’re lean and getting leaner. Lots of specific training involved here with an emphasis on moving explosively. This training is a serious challenge, but the reward is absolutely worth it.

You maintain to your training. All practical problems are solved but it still applies to sustain your motivation and keep the focus on the intentions. Over time, more and more of the routines will be associated to exercise. The most common reasons that people cancel the workout routines in this phase is relocation, travel, change of job, illness, weather mm. So stick with the plan and have trust in yourself!


  • Fast weight loss reduction
  • Excellent health benefits including decreased cellulite, increased energy
  • improved cholesterol levels
  • Short, home based workouts


  • Topics could be covered in more depth
  • More scientific references could be included

Who would get the most out of BeachFit?

BeachFit is going to be effective for anyone who wants to get shredded for summer, but it will be especially powerful for folks who love the hell out of cardiovascular training but haven’t spent much time with resistance training.




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